Monday, December 16, 2013

A thing I have learned

      On a Saturday with the birds chirping and the neighborhood dog barking is the day I learned how to ride a bike.It all started when I walked down stairs to get breakfast lucky me I didn't need to get breakfast because my mom made me some breakfast.We had french toast with the most creamiest syrup.I eat that thing like there would be no more meals for the rest of my life.Then I turned on my favorite show called "Crash and Bernstein". It's about a guy named Wyatt and he lives with a lot of girls.On Wyatt's birthday he went to "Build a Betsy' and his puppet came to life and made him feel better because he feels less out numbered.I watched it all day.After supper my mom said to get off the technology and go ride a bike. I said I don't know how. Then my mom taught me how.

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