Friday, May 23, 2014

4 th grade

Hi my name is Ethan Zickefoose. This story is going to be about my likes of school and my dislikes of school. I think your going to like my story.

This is the paragraph where I’m going to talk about my likes in and out of school. First the likes in school. I like to play on my chromebook because it’s fun to play on. I love P.E.  because you get to play games like hockey. I also like recess because you get to gather as a grade. math is a like of mine too, I like to work hard and long math problems. Thats all I like in school. One more thing I like is Hailey stoychoff I think she’s cute.

In this paragraph I will talk about my dislikes in school. For an example I dislike Lexi stoychoff.mean teachers, I just hate mean teachers. My nightmare is that there will be no Hailey. My sister , because my sister is a total brat. One more thing That I hate is “South Park”. I don’t like that show because I think it swers lots. That’s all the things that I dislike in and out of school.

So I hope you liked my story. I loved going to school in fourth grade I hope I’ll like fifth grade better. I hope you learned something about my likes and dislikes in and out of school.

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